Zero Falls
World 1-S2

Time 400

Universe Based On Mario

Level Designer Hello

Exits 2 (but the second doesn't lead anywhere)

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Easy

Introduced in Game Version v0.1 Beta

Zero Falls is the 2nd secret level in the Mushroom Kingdom. This level contains a mash-up of various elements, including a keyhole that doesn't unlock anything, Ace Coins, multiple power-ups, and several different enemies. Completing it opens the way to the Yellow Switch Palace.


This level is modeled after the "Green Grasslands" level from the Hello Engine 3. An original level with this name has been created by Hello for this engine.


Zero Falls was originally a glitch level, but was properly incorporated into the game for the v0.2 release.

Post v0.41, the Dev Team decided that there was really no reason to keep around a level that wasn't much more than a demo level from the Hello Engine. It was scrapped in favor of making an official tutorial level instead.

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