Yellow Switch Palace
World 1 Switch Palace


Universe Based On Mario universe
*Super Mario World

Level Designer Nintendo

Exits N/A

Mini-Boss(es) N/A

Boss(es) N/A

Difficulty N/A

Introduced in Game Version v0.0.0.1 Beta

The Yellow Switch Palace is a Switch Palace found rather easily in World 1.

The Yellow Switch Palace is modeled after the one in Super Mario World, which only has two rooms. The first room lets the player hit a P-Switch to gather loads of coins. The second room is where the player hits the switch to fill in the dashed-line blocks and complete the level.


The power of the Yellow Switch Palace will fill in the yellow dashed-line boxes into solid ! Blocks. These blocks contain nothing, and are usually situated in locations in various levels that make them easier to navigate, or open up new paths to secret areas in the level.

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