Willy is the boss for the stage Fever Las Vegas, and hails from the Double Dragon game franchise. Once the character reaches the boss chamber, the player must avoid his rapid-fire attacks from his gun and also his charging strike. He is vulnerable to projectiles and by being jumped on.


In the original Double Dragon video game (1987), Willy was the leader of what was originally called the Black Warriors. In the game, his gang had kidnapped the love interest of the Lee brothers, Marian. Choosing either Billy or Jimmy, the player would fight their way through several stages, each one ending with a toughened enemy, such as Abobo. At the end of the final stage, Willy was fought and defeated.

Unlike most of the game's boss characters, Willy employed the usage of a machine gun in lieu of powerful melee strikes, although he used the gun as a close-range weapon if the Lee brothers got close and had landed a few successful hits. Remakes and ports of this game have utilized Willy as wearing a yellow suit with a specialized bullet magazine that had a spiked pad on his left shoulder.

In the video game Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team, Willy was once again fought, as his now-renamed Shadow Warriors had partnered with the Dark Queen and her minions, and battled against the Lee brothers or the Battletoads in the engine room of the Colossus. However, Willy wasn't the leader of the Shadow Warriors: the mysterious Shadow Boss was the leader of the group, according to the game. He was also misnamed as "Roper" (while the enemy in question was also misnamed as "Willy") by Rare, which produced the game.

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