Wart's Nightmare
World 9-S5

Time 0

Universe Based On Super Mario Bros 2/ Halo

Level Designer Del

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) Flood-infested Birdos

Boss(es) Wart

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Wart's Nightmare is the fifth secret level in World 9: Edge of Beyond, and is the third and final act of the Subcon Panic sub-quest.

Wart's Nightmare illustrates how Wart's allegiance to Legion did not go quite as planned. While most of Wart's subcon strongholds were fused safely into the physical world, his own palace was not quite as lucky, finding itself stranded in a Flood-infested region of the Halo universe. The flood quickly overwhelmed the palace, transforming the normal Subcon enemies into vicious flood-infested monstrosities, and forcing Wart to seal himself inside his chambers to escape the horrors lurking outside.

The level is a near-perfect replica of World 7-2 from Super Mario Bros. 2, although noticeably more dark and organic, with the architecture rotting away, and Flood spores covering most surfaces. Most of the side paths have been clogged with Flood growths, forcing the player to take a more linear route through the palace. The once colorful Subcon enemies have since been infested by the Flood, turning them into grotesque and extremely hostile entities. Sparks however, seem to have been left unaffected. Several points throughout the level are guarded by Flood-infested Birdos, which can take much more damage than normal, and spit infested eggs that hatch into Flood spawn.

The player must make his way across the chains and conveyor belts of the level, avoiding the grim creatures in his path, to eventually reach Wart's chambers, where the player will have to face Wart himself.

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