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Character Type Playable Character
Affiliation None
Personality Overconfident, temperamental
Original Appearance Mario Tennis (N64)
Original Occupation Sports player
"Everybody is cheating! Next time I cheat! Heh heh heh!"

Waluigi was a secret character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He was modeled after Wario, presumably as a lighter and faster alternative, but with the removal of the clone system and an overall lack of progress, the idea of using him was discarded.


Waluigi first appeared in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 and has since remained solely for the various spin-off titles, such as kart racing, party games, sports, and DDR. Curiously, he has yet to be playable in an adventure game.


Waluigi will play very similarly to Wario.

Power-up System

Power-Up Form Description
Initial Small Waluigi This is Waluigi's basic form. He can't take a hit without dying and can't break bricks.
Super Mushroom Super Waluigi Waluigi grows tall, can take a hit, and break bricks.
Fire Flower Strikers Waluigi Waluigi uses soccer balls from the Mario Strikers series as his projectile.
Raccoon Leaf Jet Hat Waluigi This is basically a simple clone of Jet Hat Wario.
Tanooki Suit Blue Paratroopa Waluigi This suit is a combination of flight powers and Mario's Blue Shell power.
Hammer Bros. Suit Foreman Spike Waluigi While Waluigi can only throw one hammer at a time, he can also use a melee attack, with a hammer.
Mega Man Suit Shade Waluigi In this suit, Waluigi uses the Noise Crush weapon. If it hits a wall, it will reflect. The reflection can be absorbed for a more powerful shot.
Sci-Fi Suit Captain Falcon Waluigi Waluigi can perform the trademark Falcon Punch to inflict heavy damage on nearby foes, though it is rather slow.

Playable Characters
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