'WALDO" taking on Link at the end of Anciena Pyramid
World 9-S5 Boss
Class Boss
Species Machine/Robot
Affiliation(s) N/A
Original Appearance(s) B.O.B. (Electronic Arts/1993)

"WALDO", or the "Anciena Pyramid Boss", is the boss of the Anciena Pyramid stage, and is from the video game B.O.B.. In the video game from where it came from, it served as the boss of the Anciena world, and served as a intruder-defense mechanism that attempted to prevent B.O.B. from attaining another vehicle in his quest to meet his date since he would have to pass by the boss's domain.


The boss has two primary attacks, as it is constantly moving around the stage in a linear manner. The first attack involves it continuously pounding its fists to the ground, with the force being so powerful that it can crush anything that is beneath it. The boss also fires a steady stream of energy particles from its head cannon which are fired in the direction of the character at the moment of fire. However, when the player is on one of the platforms in the arena, the projectiles are weaker and can be blocked with a shield such as the Fire Shield, Sun Shield or Hammer Bros. Suit.

Because of this, the possibility of "camping" is limited, so the player has to target the three parts of the robot that are responsible for the attacks. Fortunately, each one has their own health, and are prone to being damaged and destroyed, hampering the robot's attack.


  • The name of the boss is unofficial, as it is unknown if any of the bosses in B.O.B. received names. The nickname "WALDO" comes from the nickname for what is known as a "remote manipulator", which operates in a similar manner to the boss's primary attack.
  • The design and difficulty of the boss is different in the Super Nintendo (which is used) and the Sega Genesis versions of B.O.B.. In the Genesis version, the machine has a pulsating orb on its head, as opposed to antennae in the Super Nintendo version. Also, in its final form, where the head bounces around the stage after being dealt enough damage, the Genesis version has more health than its SNES counterpart.

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