Volkmire's Inferno
World 4-S6
Time None
Universe Based On Battletoads
Level Designer Lars Luron
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Hard
Introduced in Game Version v0.5
Volkmire's Inferno is the 6th secret level in World 4: The Demon Realm. It is based on the level on the same name from the classic NES game Battletoads.

The level is relatively small, but extremely difficult. It takes the player through a crystalline underground cavern filled with a flammable liquid that resembles water, but is deadly to the touch. The first half of the level is a slow-moving autoscroll section that takes the player through a short platforming area packed with a variety of ferocious, yet bizarre creatures, including Lost Souls (Doom), Tar Skulls (Secret of Evermore), Heck Demons (Earthworm Jim), and rat-like minions from Battletoads itself.

After that grueling venture, the player will find themselves in the next room with a checkpoint, SMB2 mushroom, and a personal escape aircraft. With no solid ground to stand on, the player will have to board the aircraft and brave a deadly aerial obstacle course made up of electrical barriers, entire storms of fireballs, and wave upon wave of missiles. Between each leg of the course is a small space with a few coins and a mushroom, but a single error here can easily cost the player their life. If they can manage to make their way through the tunnel alive, they will reach the goal line and escape from the cavern for good.

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