379px-Mhx vilestand
Character Type Playable
Affiliation Independent
Personality Arrogant, violent, unstable
Original Appearance Mega Man X (1991)
Original Occupation Maverick Hunter, villain
"Same thing I always do... Crush anyone and anything who gets on my bad side!"

Vile was the third secret playable character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He's one of the stronger secret characters, but only has a few powerups. He was later purged from the game due to an abundance of playable characters and being too overpowered.


Vile started off his career in Mega Man X, where he nearly defeated X using his Ride Armor. Zero sacrificed himself to destroy it, leaving Vile to be killed by X. He was later resurrected by Dr. Doppler for Mega Man X3 and tried to get revenge on X by killing him with a bomb inside an abandoned building. This also failed and Vile was again destroyed. It wasn't until much later that Vile returned for Mega Man X8, where he captured Lumine and set the disaster of the Jakob Project in motion. After several confrontations, he was finally killed again in Sigma's moon base.

In the non-canon alternate storyline of Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, Vile acted as a rogue agent, attempting to prove himself superior to X. In the end, he ultimately failed and was recovered by Sigma.


Vile has a unique gameplay mechanic in that he plays just like he does in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. He has the ability to dash on the ground and in mid-air for a speed increase. Similar to Link, he also has a health meter. Vile has knockback comparable to Arthur.

Vile comes equipped with three weapons: one each for his arm, shoulder cannon, and leg. While his arm buster does not require ammo, his cannon and leg weapons run off a shared energy meter. This can be refilled by acquiring weapon energy.

  • Arm: Vile fires a buster shot forward. It has fireball strength and consumes no ammo.
  • Shoulder Cannon: A large blast is used. It's much stronger, but has a slight delay and uses significant ammo.
  • Leg: Vile drops a grenade. If it hits the ground, it splits and flies a bit in opposite directions. It's weaker than the shoulder cannon, but uses less ammo.

Vile shares the universal abilities of picking up and throwing SMB2 style, using guns, and picking up shells & keys. Vile also possesses the abilities to swim and stomp.

Similar to Wario and Arthur, Vile gains a speed boost when using a Starman.

Power-Up System

Power-Up Form Description
Super Mushroom HP Refill Refills one unit of Vile's health meter.
Raccoon Leaf Rocket Thruster Vile uses thrusters on his back to fly. This power-up is stackable.

Gameplay Video

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Demo v005:47

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Demo v0.3 Vile - Covenant Assault

Vile in one of the games levels similar to that of the Halo universe.

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