Uranus and Mega Mario trade attacks.

World 3-S2 Boss

Class Boss

Species Stardroid

Affiliation(s) Dr. Wily

Original Appearance(s) Mega Man V (Game Boy)

Uranus is one of the many Mega Man characters in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. An advanced form of Robot Master called a Stardroid, Uranus stands guard as the boss of Temple of Uranus, the second Secret level of World 3, The Megaverse.

Although big, bulky, and slow, Uranus makes up for it with sheer strength. The ceiling and floor of his chamber are made up entirely of stone blocks, which he can pick up and throw at you, or jar loose using his massive weight. He is frequently jumping during the battle, and he is so heavy that each time he lands, he creates a small earthquake that can stun you if you're touching the ground. He also has an extremely dangerous technique that he uses frequently, where he jumps and generates such a heavy impact that it actually knocks loose a massive section of the ceiling above, causing it to fall and fill half the room, killing the player instantly if caught underneath it. Fortunately he only uses this move as part of a routine attack pattern, so it's easy to avoid once you've memorized his patterns and can see it coming. When his hit points are low, he uses one last desperation move where he smashes through the floor and repeatedly tried to drill into you from below, creating holes in the floor leading to a bottomless pit. Fortunately he only uses this technique once per battle.

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