Tree Zone
World N/A
Time Mario
Universe Based On 1
Level Designer None
Exits None
Mini-Boss(es) 300
Boss(es) Easy
Difficulty v0.2 Beta
Introduced in Game Version Nintendo
Tree Zone is a secret level built by Hello that is a remake of Super Mario Land 2's Tree Zone 3 level. For the most part, it is an exact recreation of the original level with the addition of new colors and remixed music. One significant difference between the two is that instead of a carrot appearing near the top, there is a Tanooki Suit. Enemies here include the giant Ants and Flies from the original game, as well as Piranha Plants and Goombas. Compared to most secret levels, it is fairly short and easy to complete.

This stage is no longer available. It has been replaced by Tree Zone Trek.

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