The Megaverse
World 3

Universe(s) Represented Megaman classic series
Megaman X series

Number of Levels 13 normal
4 secret
3 fortresses
1 world boss level

Coin Skin Megaman X4 orbs

World Boss Dr. Wily

The Megaverse is the third world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. Mega Man lives here, as does Roll. The World Boss is Dr. Wily.


This world is plot-heavy and will explain Dr. Wily's role in The Villain Alliance. Despite this, world is mostly non-linear.


The levels in The Megaverse play closer to the original games that most levels, including heavy emphasis on the use of the Mega Man Suit in order to complete levels.

Due to the number of enemies and bosses in this world, an HP system is set up for the player. When a character has a second-tier power-up such as a Fire Flower, they gain the ability to take up to four hits, three in a life bar and one after it's drained, before they lose the power-up. The life bar can be refilled by acquiring power-ups or from energy drops from enemies. Certain characters may not require a second-tier power-up to benefit from the extra health. The HP system can be turned off in a pause menu for a greater challenge.

This is also the only other world besides Mobius that has a boss fight at the end of each level. These mainly consist of various Mega Man robot masters from the different games. Most of the world gives you a choice between a stage with a single Robot Master, or a generally harder stage with two Robot Masters. Single boss stages have the name of the boss in the stage name (ex: Wood Man Forest). A stage with two Robot Masters doesn't reveal the bosses in its name (ex: Mirror Falls).


Total number of levels: 21

  • Normal Levels: 13
  • Secret Levels: 4
  • Fortresses: 3
  • World Boss: 1


Normal Levels

Secret Levels

  • World 3-S1: Eye of the Storm (Super Boss: Air Man)
  • World 3-S2:<CLASSIFIED>
  • World 3-S3: Temple of Uranus
  • World 3-S4: Moon Fortress (Bosses: Star Man and Metal Man)
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