The Fusionist
No Picture

Alternate Earth Boss, Gehenna World Boss
Class World Boss
Species Human
Affiliation(s) Legion's Finest
Original Appearance(s) Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Dr. Victor Don Obreck, AKA The Fusionist, is one of the three chief scientists of Legion's forces, alongside Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Wily. Using the power of Twisted Reality, he fuses common enemies into horrible abominations. He's constantly perfecting the technique, attempting to make each fused creature less messy than the last. Though he's the unnofficial leader of the Legion's Finest, he cares about little else besides his research into "Perfect Fusion".


Like the other members of the Legion's Finest, not much is known about The Fusionist. He appears to be a disgraced scientist from Alternate Earth.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

The Fusionist keeps to his lab in Gehenna, occasionally visiting other worlds for new specimens. The Coalition bumps into him in the Moscow Malady stage as he is terrorizing wounded Rebel Soldiers. The Coalition meet him again in Lab of the Fusionist, near the end of Gehenna...

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