The Crossroads
World 1-S10

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On Super Mario Bros. 3 + many others.

Level Designer Lars Luron

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v0.4

The Crossroads is the 10th secret level in the Mushroom Kingdom. The level is something of a "Crossroads" or intersection of worlds (hence the name) and plot-wise, is the point in the Mushroom Kingdom where Legion's assimilation of the world began, spreading outwards from there and creating the region known as "No Man's Land". Multiple universes are fused together here, and the player will need to pass back and forth between both them and the Mushroom Kingdom in order to make it through.

The core of the level is a hybrid of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 elements, with 3 fairly long rooms. One being a SMB3-esque overworld, a SMB-styled underground, and an SMB3 "aerial platform" area. As players progress through the level, they will pass through various sections of different games, further enhancing the fusion. There is at least one fusion section to represent every world of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, excluding Gehenna and Twisted Reality.

Some of the different games included in the mass fusion include:

  • Kirby's Dreamland
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Metroid
  • Castlevania
  • The Lost Vikings
  • Alex Kidd in Miracle World
  • Commander Keen
  • Mega Man
  • Secret of Mana
  • Demon's Crest

Along with many others.

Development History

Lars Luron revealed that originally, The Crossroads was meant as a remake of one of Hello's many demo levels, similar to Zero Falls. Thinking that wasn't really a fitting level for the "No Man's Land" area of the Mushroom Kingdom (where all of that world's Fusion levels are located), he redesigned the whole thing from scratch.

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