Temple of Uranus
World 3-S3

Time N/A

Universe Based On Mega Man V (Game Boy), Mega Man 9, Turrican

Level Designer Lars Luron

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) T. Khamen

Boss(es) Uranus, Galaxy Man (hidden)

Difficulty Medium

Introduced in Game Version v.5
Temple of Uranus is the third secret level in World 3, The Megaverse. It is based primarily off of Uranus' stage from Mega Man V for the Game Boy, also known as Rockman World 5.

The stage takes place inside a high-tech alien temple built inside a large asteroid, currently in orbit around the Earth. While most of the level is modeled after Uranus' base from Mega Man V, the level is undergoing a Fusion effect, combining the rocky halls with the advanced technology of Galaxy Man's stage from Mega Man 9, and with the sci-fi game Turrican. As such, there are also enemies from both sources present throughout the level.

Although the stage has few unique hazards, it it not without peril. Much of the ground in the level, above bottomless pits and rows of deadly spikes, is replaced with dangerous rotator platforms, which function almost like quicksand, rotating the player off of them unless they keep jumping to stay on top. There is also a vertical stretch of level filled with rows of platforms that scroll across the screen from one edge of the room to the other. The level also splits into two distinct routes early on, giving the player a choice in which direction to take through the temple. One route leads to an area around the outside of the temple, the other straight through the center. Both routes meet up again later on.

Partway through the level, the player has to fight against the midboss, a robotic pharaoh bust named T. Khamen. The battle takes place atop an erratically-moving platform above a pit of spikes, while the midboss fires rocks at the player, with more rocks falling from random slots in a roulette-like device overhead.

At the end of the level, the player must fight against the Stardroid Uranus. Uranus' room is filled with special blocks that he can pick up and hurl at the player, similar to Guts Man. He can also cause entire sections of the ceiling to fall and crush the player, killing them instantly. This incarnation of Uranus also possesses a variety of new techniques that he didn't have in his original game, making him much more dangerous than before.

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