The Tanooki Suit is a second-tier powerup, which is an advanced form of the Raccoon Leaf. The Tanooki Suit grants characters one additional power besides flight, either allowing the character to turn into a statue of some sort by pressing down and the run button or a unique ability depending on the suit.

  • Mario will turn into Tanooki Mario. He takes his Raccoon abilities and adds an Asian-like statue to it.
  • Luigi becomes Bee Luigi. Besides flight, he can spin and fire stingers in two directions.
  • Wario will turn into Vampire Wario from the Wario Land series. This gives him an enhanced dash attack. His statue form is a Golden Wario statue.
  • Sonic will gain the Mark-II Rocket Boots and a magnetic shield to attract coins.
  • Arthur will gain Red Armor. This increases the speed of his attacks and allows him to throw one more projectile at a time.
  • Link will become Classic Link from the first Legend of Zelda game. He wields the Zelda 1 Magic Sword, can fly by turning into a Zelda II fairy and fires sword beams.
  • Samus acquires her Screw Attack, letting her damage enemies who contact her in mid-flight.
  • Roll gains the use of Tango to fly. Roll can use Tango to attack enemies with a buzzsaw by holding up when releasing a charged shot. However, she can't fly while this is active and it uses weapon energy.
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