Tainted Toadstool Zone
World 7-S1

Time 1000

Universe Based On Super Mario Bros. /Sonic CD

Level Designer Ultimate Gamer

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) N/A

Boss(es) Egg Shroom Mk.I

Difficulty Medium

Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Tainted Toadstool Zone is the 1st secret level in World 7, Mobius. It is a fusion between the Mushroom Kingdom and the corrupted environment of Little Planet, from Sonic CD.

The landscape is a combination of the Mushroom Kingdom's various grasslands and the palm tree-lined beaches of Mobius, but corrupted and poisoned to the point of no return. A variety of various robots and Mario enemies assault the player here, and to make things even worse, the level is plagued by a gradual rain of deadly toxic spores, which slowly float down from above. Some of the spores sprout into Nipper plants, and others sprout into deadly Poison Mushrooms that litter the landscape.

After escaping the flurry of toxic spores, the player will find themselves in an auto-scrolling area above raised mushroom platforms, where they will be forced to do battle against the Egg Shroom Mk.I, a unique Robotnik machine piloted by the Egg Robo. The Egg Shroom uses the environment's numerous Poison Mushrooms to its advantage, dropping a vast number of them in the player's path.

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