Storm Canyon
World 1-17

Time 700

Universe Based On Mario, Rayman, Metroid

Level Designer JudgeSpear

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Medium

Introduced in Game Version v0.0.1 Beta
Storm Canyon is the 17th level in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is one of the No Man's Land levels, where the "fusion" between the worlds becomes evident. Storm Canyon, in particular, appears to be partially fused with the colorful world of Rayman. Heavy rain soaks this area, partially flooding it and submerging the lower portion of the stage in water. A secret key and keyhole can be found early in this stage, although they require some fancy footwork to bring together.

The second section of the stage takes place underground, and seems to have shifted the world it's fused with to that of the Metroid universe; odd alien creatures infest the caves alongside the standard Mario enemies, and the terrain looks much more otherworldly than normal. This section also contains a long stretch of tunnel filled with Muncher plants, which requires the use of a starman to pass through unharmed. Passing through the tunnels and returning to the surface will place the player just outside the flagpole at the end.

Development History

Storm Canyon originally was simply a standard Mario-type stage with different tiles used. Around the time of v0.5, however, the Development Team decided to give it more of a Fusion style, and have the tiles and enemies alternate between the Mario Universe and the source universe of the tiles each section was using.

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