Skull Man
Skull Man summoning the undead
World 3-8 Boss
Class Boss
Species Robot Master
Affiliation(s) Servant of Dr. Wily, stolen creation of Dr. Cossack
Original Appearance(s) *Mega Man 4 (Capcom 1991)

Skull Man is one of the many Mega Man characters to appear in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. His role in this game is a boss in the level, Skull Man Wastelands, which is level 8 of World 3, The Megaverse.

Along with running and jumping at you, Skull Man also has his invincible Skull Shield and his own buster cannon, which he can aim but not charge. He also been given a new power in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion: the ability to summon skeletons to aid him. (The skeletons come from the game, Black Tiger, an old 80's arcade platformer, also by Capcom.) Skull Man is invulnerable to stomps and can only be harmed by projectile attacks or the thrown skulls from his summoned skeletons.


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