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World 1-19 Boss

Class Boss

Species Human?

Affiliation(s) Legion's Finest

Original Appearance(s) Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

The Siren is the first member of the Legion's Finest the Coalition encounters. She uses her status to travel among the worlds freely, looking for sentient life to devour to keep her human form. She uses a combination of her hypnotic voice and ability to manipulate ice to disable her victims, but she's not afraid to get up close and deliver a beating.


The Siren's origin is a complete mystery. She's apparently been cursed - devouring sentient lifeforms is the only way for her to stay human. She joined Legion in order to gain access to other worlds, giving her virtually unlimited prey.

Attack pattern

The Siren fights primarily by launching projectiles. She can launch large ice chunks directly at the player or fire a scatter shot launched above her that explodes at the top of the screen. Her singing talents let her use paralyzing notes that must be shaken off in order to move. She also sporadically leaps amongst the platforms and can stomp the player when she lands.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

The Siren is first encountered in World 1-18, Isle of Mystery. It seems she had just arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom shortly before the Coalition bump into her, as her list of victims is limited to a single Toad. After her defeat, she escapes to somewhere unknown, but she will be encountered again...


The Siren is the second member of Legion's Finest to appear in the demos, the first being the Necromancer.

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