Sir Grakul
Grakul shows Mario how it's done, medieval-style.
World 4 Boss
Class Boss
Species Living Armor
Affiliation(s) Dracula
Original Appearance(s) Super Castlevania IV

Sir Grakul is the boss of Darkstone Cemetary, a level in World 4: the Demon Realm.


Sir Grakul is a giant suit of supernaturally-animated armor. He is armed for most of the battle with an equally-large battleaxe, but also possesses a longsword in the event that the axe becomes damaged. He is bulky and slow, but is capable of withstanding a great deal of damage, and possesses some limited magical power in addition to his great strength.


Sir Grakul is originally from the SNES game Super Castlevania IV, where he served as the level boss of the Library stage. There he was originally encased in a decorative armor display case, but broke free to attack the player once they approached.

In-Game Encounter

When the player reaches the summit of Darkstone Cemetery, they will encounter Grakul adamantly standing guard, to prevent any would-be adventurers from passing through the mountain path. The arena in which you fight him is mostly flat, apart from raised ledges on opposite sides, similar to the layout in his original battle in Super Castlevania IV.

He begins to attack as soon as the player approaches. He spends most of the battle wielding a mighty battleaxe, which breaks three quarters of the way through the battle, forcing him to switch to his longsword instead.

While wielding the axe, he has two main attacks. His first is to slam his axe against the ground, which will not only damage the player directly, but will also send out a wave of flames in both directions, which follows along the contour of the ground. His second is to throw his massive axe like a boomerang, sending it spinning to the edge of the screen and back again. If the player spends too much time above Grakul, he can throw his axe upwards in an attempt to hit the player.

After taking so much damage, his axe explodes into splinters, and he is forced to draw his longsword against the player. Grakul is much faster while wielding the sword, and less predictable. He will constantly dodge and weave back and forth, occasionally pulling up his shield to defend against attacks, and swinging his blade at the player when he gets close. If the player is above him for too long, he can stab his sword upwards to protect adainst stomps.

After taking a significantly less amount of damage than in his axe form, he will finally explode, allowing the player to proceed through the mountain pass and ending the level.

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