Silver Sonic
Sonic fighting Silver Sonic
World 7-7 Boss
Class Boss
Species Robot
Affiliation(s) Dr. Eggman
Original Appearance(s) Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Silver Sonic is a boss fought in World 7, Mobius, in the Sky Battery Zone level. The first attempt by Dr. Eggman to foil Sonic by creating robotic duplicates, Silver Sonic was the guardian of the original Death Egg back in Sonic 2. However, Silver Sonic is much larger, slower and clunkier than the original Sonic and later models, making him one of the more ineffective robot Sonics produced.

Battle tactics

Silver Sonic fights not unlike how he did in the original games. He remains stationary for a second or two before each attack, giving the player their only opportunity to inflict damage. His main attacks methods resemble Sonic's by curling into a ball and either dashing or bouncing across the room. He can also dash across the room without curling up, providing an additional chance for damaging him. He does possess one new attack in which he flies across the top of the screen, dropping spikes.

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