Proto Man at the shop.

Shops are locations in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion where you can spend Rupees in order to buy power-ups. Each shop has its own stock of items for sale and a unique shopkeeper for each world. Shops also carry unique items called Assist Items that can't be obtained elsewhere.

Your item choice is also dependent on which character you're using, as only items they can use are available. Characters who use a health meter will have the option of a health meter refill. Characters who have multiple weapons, such as Arthur and Roll, can scroll between the possible choices and pick out the one they want.

For the 0.3 release and onward until the final version, only one shop will exist, though it can be accessed in most worlds. This prototype shop is run by Morshu, the obnoxious merchant from the infamous CD-I Zelda games.

Shop Prices
Shop Item Price
Fire Flower 100
Raccoon Leaf 100
Tanooki Suit 300
Hammer Bros. Suit 400
Sci-Fi Suit 500
Mega Man Suit 500
Random 300
Full Health 50
Extra (depends on character and item) Varies
Reserve Tank 400
Beat 300
Protective Crystal 600

The shopkeeper for each world is as follows:

  • World 1: Toadette
  • World 2:
  • World 3: Auto
  • World 4: Merchant from Resident Evil 4.
  • World 5:
  • World 6:
  • World 7:
  • World 8:
  • World 9:
  • World -1: Morshu

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