Screw Mobile
Tails swims his hardest to not get sucked into the Screw Mobile's propeller.
World 7-3 Boss
Class Boss
Species Piloted Machine
Affiliation(s) Dr. Robotnik
Original Appearance(s) Sonic the Hedgehod 3

The Screw Mobile is the boss of World 7-3, Hydrocity Zone. It is a modified version of the Egg Mobile piloted by Dr. Robotnik.

The Screw Mobile is designed to use water as a weapon; it's huge propeller on it's underside is capable of creating a powerful vortex that can suck all the water in the room up into a whirling waterspout. This creates a suction effect on the water nearby, causing anyone swimming in it to quickly get pulled towards the waterspout- should they get sucked inside, they can do nothing but get pulled helplessly into the propeller's deadly spinning blades.

The propellor can only stay running for so long, however, and will power down after a short amount of time. The remaining waterspout, as it sinks and dissipates back into the water below, can be used as a temporary platform to get into melee range of the Screw mobile itself.

While waiting for the propeller to recharge, the Screw Mobile will strafe back and forth across the room, dropping bombs that will go off shortly after landing in the water. These bombs are powerful enough to launch a plume of water into the air above them- should the player be out of the water in the path of the plume, it will give them an aerial boost, high enough to where they can stomp on the Screw mobile, should it be close enough to hit.

After a few passes of dropping bombs, the propellor recharges, and the cycle repeats itself.

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