Sci-Fi Suit in action!

The Sci-Fi Suit is a second-tier powerup that was originally based upon the Spartan Suits from the Halo series of games, but was later expanded to include a wider variety of sci-fi outfits. Each character who gets a Sci-Fi Suit will have a different variant on it.

The Sci-Fi Suit and its variants share one common effect: the ability of regeneration. If the player is hit, they do not lose the suit immediately. Instead, the suit flashes and begins to regenerate. It takes seven seconds for the suit to fully regenerate. If a character is hit while the regeneration process is in progress, then the character will lose their variant of the Sci-Fi Suit.

  • Mario will become a Spartan warrior. He possesses the Energy Sword, which will inflict significant damage on an enemy on contact. Unlike in the Halo series, the Energy Sword can be used infinitely in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.
  • Luigi turns into Nathan "RAD" Spencer from Bionic Commando. He uses a basic pistol for an attack, but gains a bionic arm that can extend and swing from the ceiling.
  • Sonic will become Pulseman Sonic. WIP
  • Wario will become a Covenant Brute, otherwise known as Brute Wario. Wario wields the Gravity Hammer, which has a longer range than Mario's Energy Sword and is stronger, but a much slower attack rate.
  • Link will become Arbiter Link. Link gains a much faster and stronger Arbiter Energy Sword.
  • Arthur will gain a Halo look when he receives this powerup. He has the regenerating shield, but will gain no weapons.
  • Samus gains her Varia Suit. It lacks the regenerative capabilities, but it does increase her HP to 5.
  • Roll will become Hunter Roll. Her Mega Buster takes on the qualities of a Hunter Rod Cannon, allowing massive charged shots. However, Roll is recoiled by fully charged Hunter shots.
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