Ryu Hayabusa
Character Type Secret playable
Affiliation Good
Personality Tranquil, thoughtful
Original Appearance Ninja Gaiden (1989)
Original Occupation Ninja
Ryu Hayabusa was the fourth secret playable character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He was later dropped due to an excessive number of playable characters.


Ryu first appeared in Ninja Gaiden for the NES. Renowned for its difficulty and story depth, the game saw Ryu travel across the globe to avenge his father's murder and prevent the resurrection of the demon Jaquido. After two more games, Ryu would eventually succeed in sealing away Jaquido for good.

The series was then given a prequel with the XBox version of Ninja Gaiden, in which Ryu set out to recover the Dark Dragon Blade and prevent its power from being misused.


  • Like Link, Ryu can use his sword to attack enemies. He can also throw ninja stars at enemies and use sub-weapons. These run on an ammo meter and can be refilled from enemy drops.
  • Ryu's special move is a mid-air dash to gain distance. If it connects with a wall, he can climb it up and down.
  • Ryu can cling to the undersides of platforms, as well as pull himself up.
  • Ryu has a 4 HP health meter. He also has slight knockback when struck.


Power-Up Form Description
Hammer Bros. Suit Black Suit This suit increases Ryu's attack power and decreases his ammo cost.
Mega Man Suit Shadowman.EXE Ryu can fling up to four shuriken at once. It also ups his attack power and reduces his ammo cost.
Sci-Fi Suit Strider Suit This suit increases Ryu's attack power, decreases his ammo cost, extends his sword reach and allows object summoning for 20 ammo.


  • Shiruken: A basic projectile. Ryu can throw more with greater attack power.
  • Super Shiruken: An upgraded shiruken that does more damage and can return like a boomerang.
  • Spin Splash: A close-range spin attack. Very powerful, but uses lots of ammo.
  • Flame Wheel: Releases a pair of flames.
  • Flame Shield: Creates a short-lived fire shield against enemy contact.
  • Fireball: Ryu's strongest fire attack, which hurls fire at his foes.
  • Air Slash: Unleashes a pair of air blasts on foes.
  • Heat-Seeking Energy: A high-speed lock-on projectile.
  • Ice Blast: Fires a trio of ice projectiles to immobilize foes.
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