Ruined City
World 4-8
World 4-8
Time N/A
Universe Based On Demon's Crest
Level Designer Gladiacloud
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) None
Difficulty Medium
Introduced in Game Version Future Versions
Ruined City is the eighth level in World 4: The Demon Realm, and is the final level before the World Boss stage. It is based on a series of areas from the game Demon's Crest, and contains numerous enemies and hazards from such.

The level takes place in a literal ghost town; all the original inhabitants are long dead, and the city has been overrun by spirits and monsters. The way into the town is via a series of dilapidated bridges above a large river. This area is swarming with Mermen from the Castlevania series, as well as a number of large flame fountains which spew fireballs at you. Crossing the bridges brings you into the city itself, which is large, labyrinthine, and filled with countless malevolent spirits. Leaving the city takes the player across another set of bridges, and eventually into a pitch-black catacomb with very little light available to see with. However the player can use conveniently-placed fire rods to light various torches along the way, which gradually lighten up the area. The player will have to make their way through the catacombs to eventually reach the level goal.

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