Rotten Eden
World 5-2

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On Original

Level Designer Finlander, Gladiacloud

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) Octeyes

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Rotten Eden is the 2th level in World 5, Gehenna. It is a dark and corrupted jungle, where the jungle itself is trying to kill you.

The level takes the player through an expanse overgrown with plant life, much of it hostile. Much of the level takes place on small platforms, raised up above the ground by massive trees, or on hanging vines dangling perilously above bottomless chasms. Even the very air itself is choked with a multitude of deadly spores, which explode violently on contact with the player.

Powerups are somewhat scarce in this level, raising the difficulty level significantly, especially with the high number of spores and enemy projectiles floating around. And much of the ground is covered in razor-sharp thorns, making simple movement through the stage a daunting task.

At the end of the level, the player faces off against Octeyes, the giant plant monster from the Genesis game Altered Beast. Only when he is defeated can the player complete the stage.

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