Class Boss

Species Alien dragon

Affiliation(s) Forces of Legion, Villain Alliance

Original Appearance(s) Metroid (1986, NES)

Ridley is a boss in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. Regarded as Samus' arch-enemy, he is the most prominent figure of all Metroid villains.


Samus and Ridley's history goes back even before the first Metroid game to the raid on the K2-L colony. It was Ridley who led the attack and killed Samus' mother. During the events of the first Metroid game, Samus returned the favor and killed Ridley to open up the passage to Mother Brain.

Ridley's body was recovered and rebuilt into Meta-Ridley for the Metroid Prime series. Samus fought and beat him again in the first Prime series at the Chozo Temple. In the third Prime game, Meta-Ridley attacked Samus at one of the generators to the Federation HQ on Norion, but was again defeated. His body salvaged once again, he was brought to the Pirate Homeworld and infused with Phazon left by the homeworld's seed, transforming him into Omega Ridley. Samus defeated him once again, causing his body to vaporize.

Another Ridley, either a clone or a different member of the species, later instigated the plot of Super Metroid by stealing the baby Metroid from the Federation research station. Travelling the depths of Zebes, Samus fought and killed Ridley once again.

A duplicate version of Ridley, cloned from Ridley cells from Samus' suit, challenged Samus on the Bottle Ship during Metroid: Other M. Unlike the Ridleys before it, this one fled before being killed, only to be later drained into a husk by a Queen Metroid. Its body was recovered and transferred to the BSL Research Station, where X Parasites cloned it for combat. Again, it was killed by Samus.

MKFusion Role

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ridley acts as a member of the Villain Alliance, a group of foes in the employ of Legion who plot to take Legion down and acquire his power for themselves.

Spoilers end here.

Villain Alliance
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