The Raccoon Leaf, also known as the Super Leaf, is a second-tier powerup that allows a character to fly like in Super Mario Bros. 3, usually by building up speed and repeatedly pressing the jump button while in the air. The Raccoon Leaf can also give better flight abilities to those who can already fly. Each character will have some variant of the Raccoon Leaf. Characters with a preset speed must still hold the run button in order to achieve flight when using this powerup.

  • Mario become Raccoon Mario. He can fly like he did in Super Mario Bros. 3 and use his tail to attack nearby enemies. His basic method of achieving flight - running until a power meter is built up - is the basis for most characters flight mechanics.
  • Luigi will turn into Bunny Luigi. While he can't attack with his bunny tail, he can fly by tapping the jump button and glide by holding it down in mid-air.
  • Wario will gain a Jet Hat. They can fly at any time, but can only move horizontally and are limited by a meter that recharges quickly when they are on the ground.
  • Sonic will gain Rocket Shoes. They come from Sonic Triple Trouble and allow him to fly like Mario does.
  • Link will become Deku Link. Deku Link is exactly like Raccoon Mario except that he uses the Master Sword instead of a tail attack and can spit rocks.
  • Arthur will gain Hermes' Shoes. He will gain wings and be able to fly.
  • Samus gains her Space Jump ability, letting her perform multiple jumps in a flight-like manner.
  • Roll will gain Item 2. She surfs on it in a straight line through the air by pressing up+fire and hopping on it. It requires a steady rate of weapon energy to use.
  • Mega Man gains the Rush Jet adapter, allowing him to hover for a short time. While it lacks distance or height compared to Roll's flight, it doesn't consume weapon energy to use.
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