Raccoon City
World 2-S2

Time Infinite

Universe Based On Resident Evil

Level Designer Pouncer,Gladiacloud,DC Hunk

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) Zombie Hoard

Boss(es) Tyrant

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v.5
Raccoon City is the 2nd secret level in Alternate Earth, created by Gladiacloud, using a base from Pouncer, and DC Hunk.

The level starts on the ruined streets of Raccoon City. You travel through the underground station and the sewers and reach the police station where a mini-boss fight against a zombie hoard will take place. After this you go to the Umbrella Laboratory, where the level ends with a boss fight against the Tyrant.

An enemy unique to this level are zombies. While they can be stopped with enough damage, they can only be killed by explosive weapon attacks such as a shotgun or grenade launcher. Goombas are skinned to Zombie Goombas for the first half of the level, but in the laboratory areas they are Licker Goombas. Sprites made by DC Hunk.

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