Proto Man
Character Type Playable Character
Affiliation Good
Personality Well-informed, distant
Original Appearance Mega Man 3
Original Occupation Prototype robot
"...... I live as I wish. That is all. My life is none of your business."

Proto Man was the first clone character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He is the brother of Mega Man and Roll. He was later removed from the game due to the dropping of the clone system and the redundancy of having three characters with almost exactly the same style of gameplay.


The prototype for all humanoid robots to come, Proto Man possessed a degree of independence and reasoning. However, he also suffered an energy core defect that would eventually kill him. Fearing Dr. Light would change who he was, Proto Man ran away until he was eventually found and repaired by Dr. Wily. Indebted to Wily, he served him for a short time before realizing Dr. Wily's true goal.

Proto Man's first game appearance was in Mega Man 3. Taking the form of Break Man, he would occasionally show up to test Mega Man's skill and saved him from Wily's collapsing lair at the end. Since then, he continues to aid Mega Man from afar, unwilling to allow others to tamper with him.


Proto Man plays almost exactly like Roll, including the same Robot Master weapons, but with some noticeable differences.

  • He has 3 HP instead of Roll's suit based damage.
  • His buster has a more powerful charged shot and can pass through walls, but a slower rate of fire.
  • He has only one suit powerup.
  • When jumping, Proto Man pulls out his Proto Shield to deflect enemy projectiles.
  • His weapons cost slightly less weapon energy to use.
  • He has 2 Robot Master weapon slots, toggled similar to Arthur's weapon system.
  • He suffers greater knockback, is noticably slower and requires a lifejacket to swim.

Power-up System

Power-Up Form Description
Robot Master Weapon None Proto Man gains a random Robot Master weapon. His arsenal is the same as Roll's and Mega Man's.
Break Man Suit Break Man Donning his disguise from Mega Man 3, Proto Man uses the Magnet Beam to create platforms. The platform extends the longer the fire button is held without requiring extra energy.

MKF Trivia

The primary purpose of Proto Man was to create a variation of Roll whose game much more closely mimics traditional style Mega Man gameplay, to address concerns that Roll was too "Mario-ized".

Along with Classic Luigi, Proto Man gave birth to the short-lived MKF clone system.

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