Planet Bomber
World 8-6
World 8-6

Time N/A

Universe Based On Bomberman

Level Designer Del

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Medium

Introduced in Game Version v0.5
Planet Bomber is a sixth level in World 8: Nintendo Subspace. It is based on the Bomberman series of games, and features the black Bomberman as a helper character.

The black Bomberman can be picked up like a weapon, and used to plant Bomberman-style bombs by pressing the Fire button. These bombs explode in a "plus" shape, and are the only thing capable of destroying the many large brick walls placed all over the level. Various items and powerups can be found hidden underneath many of these walls, but be careful, as destroying a brick wall may release enemies that are trapped on the other side of them. Also, be careful when planting bombs, as their explosions can not only destroy brick walls and enemies, but they can hurt the player as well. Bombs can also be detonated by the explosions from other bombs, allowing you to set up complex chains of explosions to take out tricky enemies.

The first room of the level is based off of the classic Bomberman games. It is a labyrinth of sorts, crammed full of numerous brick walls, which separate the room into multiple small chambers, many of which contain groups of enemies. There are also gear launchers mounted inside the terrain, which launch spinning gears at preset angles. Hidden somewhere in the room are both a key and a locked door; the player must locate them both to reach the next room.

The second room contains the same elements as the first, but it takes place outdoors, and is much less confining. Partway through the second room, you will find a special ship you can ride through the level that functions similarly to a Lakitu Cloud. You will have to fly through an obstacle course of brick walls and aerial enemies in search of the keys that will unlock the door back near the entrance of the room, so you can rescue the white Bomberman and complete the level.

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