Persian Palace
World 2-10

Time None

Universe Based On Real World

Level Designer Gladiacloud

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Persian Palace is the tenth level in Alternate Earth. It is based off of the classic SNES game, Prince of Persia. The level is done in a "2.5D" semi-isometric style, similar to the original game and the level Pibble Plateau. Many of the games original elements can be encountered here, such as the spike traps, secret switches in the floor, and Persian Guards.

The level starts off in a dungeon of the palace, where one must find secret switches to pass through the level. Spike traps on the floors are first encountered here, as well as Persian Guards and Scorpions. Prisoners are also heald in further rooms to give you items or enemies.

After the first two rooms the player must go through the fancy areas of the place, where climbable tapestries exist as well as Bony Beetles and Hoopsters are encountered.

The very last area requires jumping from roof-tops until the player reaches the flagpole.

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