P-Switches are a type of device found in most levels. When triggered, they caused something to happen in the environment for a limited period of time. Tripping another switch of the same type resets the time length. Multiple switches can be active at once.

  • Blue P-Switches cause Coins, Rupees and blocks to appear in certain areas. These are sometimes used as part of a timed maze.
  • Yellow P-Switches turn coins into blocks and vice-versa. These are often used to create platforms or open pathways.
  • Green P-Switches are similar to the above ones, but can be used again once their timer has reset.


Prior to Mushroom Kingdom Fusion version 0.3 beta, the P-Switches used the jingle from Super Mario World. When the 0.3 Beta came along, the development team changed the sound that the P-Switches made to the Yoshi's Island sound effect, as it was deemed less obnoxious, and did not replace the music in a level.

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