"What big eyes you have, Grandma!"

Level 5-4

Class Boss

Species Plant Monster

Affiliation(s) N/A

Original Appearance(s) *Altered Beast (1988)

Octeyes is the level boss of Rotten Eden, the fourth level in World 5, Gehenna.


Octeyes is a gigantic plant monster, which normally resembles sort of a massive flytrap with a single large eye directly in front of its bulb. It can open up its bulb during battle to reveal numerous large spores, which resemble additional eyeballs. It can sprout these spores at will, and release them into the air in large quantities.


Octeyes is originally from the Sega Genesis game Altered Beast, where it served as the end level boss for the second stage.

In-Game Encounter

Octeyes starts off in the form of an off-color Ghosts 'n Goblins plant monster when you enter the room, but quickly reveals it's true form. Octeyes cannot harm the player through direct physical contact, but it releases enough various projectiles to make up for that fact. Octeyes' only main weakness is its single primary eye, which is visible whether its bulb is open or closed. Throughout the battle, Octeyes will sporadically open up its bulb, releasing a large number of both projectiles and eyeball spores, in an attempt to overwhelm the player. The eyeball spores can be destroyed with projectiles, and can also be stomped on, giving the player an aerial boost so that they can stomp the main eyeball. The sheer number of spores released at a time can make them somewhat difficult to dodge, however. While the bulb is closed, Octeyes occasionally generates a powerful energy shield, which is capable or deflecting the player's projectiles back at them. After taking enough damage, Octeyes will return to its miniature form and explode, ending the level.

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