Neo Tokyo
World 7-S6

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On PulseMan, Mega Man Battle Network

Level Designer Lars Luron

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) N/A

Boss(es) N/A

Difficulty Medium

Introduced in Game Version v0.5

Neo Tokyo is the sixth secret level in World 7, Mobius. It is a medium-length level modeled after the first level of the Japanese Sega Genesis game PulseMan.

The first half of the level takes the player through the futuristic city streets, where they must avoid a variety of deadly robots, including a variety of badniks, as well as a few Pokémon that reside in the city. The city area is fairly straight-forward, although a few paths are split between the street level below, and the rooftops above. At the end of the area, the player finds a high-tech monitor device that will take them into Cyberspace.

The second half of the level takes place inside cyberspace, which has undergone a Fusion with the Cybernet from the Mega Man Battle Network series. It is currently infected with a variety of "virus" enemies, as well as a few other cybernetic enemies. This area is also fairly straight-forward, although with more twists and turns, and a handful of false walls leading to secret areas. All items in this area, including coins and rupees, are contained within "Mystery Data"; some of which require special Unlocker sub-chips to open.

After exiting cyberspace, the player will emerge back into the city for a brief time before reaching the end of the level.

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