N.Sanity Island
World 2-13
Universe Based On Crash Bandicoot
Level Designer Del
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) Dr. Cortex
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version v0.5
N. Sanity Island is the thirteenth level of World 2, Alternate Earth. In this level, the player must infiltrate Dr. Neo Cortex's island lair and confront him.

Based around the first three Crash Bandicoot games, this level takes the player through areas modeled after the game's locals, including an opening forest area, scaling a large wooden wall and navigating an ancient temple. A key feature is the use of crates. While mostly simple serve to contain coins and power-ups, there are also exploding crates marking with TNT labels which detonate shortly after being touched, Nitro crates which explode the second they're touched and bouncy crates to get across gaps.

The boss, naturally, is Dr. Neo Cortex, who attacks with exploding crates and ray gun projectiles. His force field protects him from player attacks, but he can be harmed by explosions from the crates.

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