Muda Madness
World 1-9

Time ?

Universe Based On Mario

Level Designer Shodian, Kingofsupaht3ds01

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v 0.5
Muda Madness is the 9th level in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is an ocean-based level created by Shodian, Gladiacloud and kingofsupaht3ds01, and is based off the second world of Super Mario Land. It is a recreation of the three levels from that world in order. The first involves hopping across islands while the second deals with some moving platforms. The third section, which was an autoscrolling section with a submarine in the original game, is a regular swimming section with some guns provided. The level boss is Dragonzamazu, who can be damaged with either projectiles or waiting until one of its fireballs burns out into a rock that cane be throw back at it.

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