Recurring Mini-Boss
Class Mini-Boss
Species Mouse
Affiliation(s) Wart
Original Appearance(s) Super Mario Bros. 2
Mouser is a sunglasses-wearing mouse that worked for the vegetable-hating Wart in Super Mario Bros. 2. He is the boss of the first world, as well as the third world. His attack is throwing bombs. To hurt him, hurl his bombs back at him. Three explosions, and he's down.

In Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, he appears in World 1-3, The Transitway. He's in the second pipe under the brick platform. In battle, he uses the same attacks as he did in Super Mario Bros. 2, only he needs five hits to be killed. He is also vulnerable to projectile attacks. After the fourth hit, he begins to throw Bob-ombs, aside from his regular attacks. You can throw the Bob-ombs at him too. After five hits, he falls into the water where he perishes. Mouser also appears in Industrial Nightmare as a mini-boss on the main path. Another appearance the bomb-happy mouse makes is in the Sky Tower in World 1.

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