Mobius (Mushroom Kingdom Fusion)
World 7

Universe(s) Represented Sonic franchise
Various Sega games

Number of Levels 11 normal
6 secret
1 world boss level

Coin Skin Sonic Rings

World Boss Dr. Robotnik

This is the MKF world. For the actual game world, see Mobius.

Mobius is the seventh world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is Sonic and Tails' home world, and features levels from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The World Boss is Dr. Eggman.



Most of the levels are modeled after classic levels from the Sonic series up to Sonic Adventure 2, modified to accommodate the other playable characters. Similar to The Megaverse, all levels end with a boss fight. This will usually be against Dr. Eggman in one of his many machines.

The secret levels in this world will be based on other Sega games. For example, World 7-S2 is Toyland, based on the second level of the Genesis/Megadrive game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse.

Originally, Mobius was intended to be the eighth world, but was later moved down to the seventh, switching places with Nintendo Subspace.


  • Number of levels: 18
    • Normal Levels: 11
    • Secret Levels: 6
    • World Boss: 1


Normal Levels

  • World 7-1: Green Grove Zone
  • World 7-2: Bridge Zone
  • World 7-3: Hydrocity Zone
  • World 7-4: Marble Zone
  • World 7-5: City Escape
  • World 7-6: Lava Powerhouse (Sonic Spinball level)
  • World 7-7: Freon Ice Zone (combines Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3 and Planet Freon from Ristar)
  • World 7-8: Collision Chaos
  • World 7-9: Sky Battery Zone (combines the Sky Base, Wing Fortress, and Flying Battery zones)
  • World 7-10: Robotnikland (combines Eggman's various bases such as Scrap Brain, Metropolis, etc.) (A somewhat custom level. Is meant to be Robotnikland, the self-themed realm Robotnik has dreamed of making for years. Will likely be a mesh of multiple different Sonic "mechanical" zones (Scrap Brain, Metropolis, Metallic Madness, etc.), possible with some "carnival" zones (Carnival Night, Spring Yard, etc.). Will have multiple bosses iconic to the Sonic franchise.)
  • World 7-11: Rocket Base Zone (combines Launch Base and Egg Rocket zones) (A 2-part level combining the Launch Base Zone (Sonic 3) with the Egg Rocket Zone (Sonic Advance), where the player boards a rocket launching towards the Death Egg.)
  • World 7-WB: Death Egg Zone (Robotnik's final mechanical stronghold, based off of the Death Egg zone from Sonic 3 (possibly combined with other similar zones). Will feature the final battle against Robotnik. Will likely require the gravity system before it can be made.)

Secret Levels

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