Mirror Falls
World 3-5
Time N/A
Universe Based On Mega Man 2/3
Level Designer AuraLancer
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) Splash Woman
Boss(es) Gemini Man and Bubble Man
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version v 0.5
Mirror Falls is the fifth level in The Megaverse. It combines aspects of Gemini Man and Bubble Man's stages from their respective games.

The first half of the level is based on Gemini Man's stage, featuring tadpoles that hatch when hit, giant mechanical penguins and torpedo fish. The segment ends with a fight against Gemini Man, who starts with attack with one duplicate of himself, then a whole cascade of them via the mirrors in the lair.

The second half is taken from Bubble Man's stage, starting at a waterfall and then moving underwater to face spikes, giant angler fish and jellyfish. Throughout this area, Splash Woman antagonizes the player by summoning little fish to swim through and attack. At the end of the level is Bubble Man.


This level semi-replaces the old Bubble Man's Fort level from previous versions in an effort to create more original areas for the game.

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