Mickey Mouse
Character Type Secret playable
Affiliation ?
Personality ?
Original Appearance Walt Disney Cartoons

Super Mario MF

Original Occupation The Mouse
Mickey Mouse was a playable character in Super Mario MF, the prototype version of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. He was also featured in a 2009 April Fools joke video as a "new" character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. Mickey was unanimously voted to not appear in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion due to worries over Disney.

Super Mario MF

Mickey Mouse used resized sprites from the Sega-made Genesis game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (though his sounds were actually taken from Fantasia on the same system), a game referenced in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion since early versions as the Toyland level. He was a slow character with good play control, a high jump, and threw fireballs in a straight line (like Luigi). Other than those attributes, Mickey behaved the same as all other characters in Super Mario MF.

Reason for Exclusion

When work on Mushroom Kingdom Fusion expanded to include new characters, Mickey was immediately scrapped because of worries over Disney's extremely aggravating intellectual property policies. Additionally, it was decided that only characters of video game origin would become playable characters.

Since Mushroom Kingdom Fusion has rather serious overtones, such as characters using firearms and gore, placing a beloved character like Mickey in that scenario would raise more eyebrows than his inclusion in the Kingdom Hearts series or the mere existence of the dark-themed Epic Mickey did.

April Fools 2009

On March 31, 2009, JudgeSpear released an April Fools video of Mickey Mouse as a playable character, this time using the Mickey sprites from the Capcom SNES game Magical Quest. It ended up fooling so many people, with some taking it far too seriously, that the joke was forced to be revealed early. The video can be found through this link.

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