Proto-Luigi firing a Metool

Metools are small robots with a hard hat. They are enemies from the Mega Man series and also make an appearance in MKFusion. There are four types of Metools in this game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:

  • The basic Metool, which hides in the ground waiting for intruders to come, then attacks with three bullets. It can be picked up and used as a gun, similar to an Auto-Snifit. This variety is found in Gutsman Quarry.
  • A Metool with shoes, making it easy for it to walk. It has the same attacks as a normal Metool, but cannot be used as a gun. These Metools are common in levels such as Spinning Greenhouse and Construction Site.
  • A Metool with shoes and a propeller, flying itself to the air and shooting bullets in a vertical 3-way angle. These Metools are only found in Construction Site.
  • A giant Metool ship, with the whole exterior indestructible. Found only in Construction Site.

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