Mega Man
Character Type Playable Character
Affiliation Good
Personality Brave, determined
Original Appearance Mega Man
Original Occupation Helper robot

"I'll keep on fighting for peace for both humans and robots!"

Mega Man, real name Rock, is Roll and Proto Man's brother and is the hero of The Megaverse. He is the one who steps forward and saves it from Dr. Wily, Bass and other robotic villains. Even centuries into the future, his legacy lives on as those who use the items known as Biometals are referred to as "Mega Men".


Rock was the second humanoid robot created by the efforts of Dr. Light. Designed to function as a simple housekeeping robot, Rock was given a program that allowed him to instantly learn how to use any tool he worked with, which would later become the Variable Weapons System he would use to acquire Robot Master powers. When Dr. Wily went rouge, stole Dr. Light's robots and began his first spree for world domination, Rock volunteered to be transformed into a combat robot to counter Dr. Wily, becoming Mega Man. Since then, Mega Man has taken it upon himself to thwart Dr. Wily's ambitions, as well as those of others who seek to harm innocents.


Mega Man plays in a style much like Roll, but with similarities closer to those of his native series.

  • Mega Man uses a 4 HP system and has less knockback.
  • Mega Man cannot charge his Mega Buster.
  • Mega Man has a greater weapon energy capacity and can fire off one more shot per volley.


Power-Up Form Description
Robot Master Weapon None Mega Man gains a random Robot Master weapon. His arsenal is the same as Roll.
Rush Adaptor Jet Mega Man Using a Rush form from Mega Man 6, Mega Man can hover in the air for a short time.



  • Mega Man was originally intended as an NPC who would be captured by Dr. Wily, and as part of the storyline, sacrifices himself shielding a fatal attack from Dr. Wily. He was also considered too overpowered of a character, and as such, Roll replaced the Blue Bomber. This was eventually rendered moot due to storyline changes and Proto Man's brief tenure as part of the cast.
  • With Mega Man's original name being Rock, and his sister's name Roll, this makes Rock and Roll. Capcom. More like Clevercom.

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