Mega Highway
World 3-13
Time Unlimited
Universe Based On Mega Man X
Level Designer Magnemania & Finlander
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) Sisi Truck
Boss(es) Nitro Man, Turbo Man
Difficulty Hard
Introduced in Game Version Later
Mega Highway is the 13th level in World 3, The Megaverse. It's the final stretch of road leading up to Dr. Wily's Skull Fortress. During this level, the player is aided by Bass, who helps only so that he can fight the captured Mega Man.

For the first part of the level, modeled after the Mega Man X opening stage, the player and Bass must make their way across the damaged highway, fighting through a plethora of Wily bots and working around the uneven spacing, holes and wrecked cars. The two then board the Sisi Truck and must fight their way along it. Bass is the only one who can destroy the truck at the end.

The second half of the stage has Bass and Treble merge into Super Bass, who provides air support while the player runs through a high-speed section, evading all manner of robots on the ground and air. After this, Bass leaves while the player has a dual boss encounter with Nitro Man and Turbo Man, who alternate and have separate life meters.

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