Marble Zone
World 7-4
Time 800
Universe Based On Sonic the Hedgehog
Level Designer Magnemania
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) None
Boss(es) Egg Mobile Fire
Difficulty Normal
Introduced in Game Version Future version
Marble Zone is the 4th level of World 7, Mobius. It is based on the second level of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game.

The Marble Zone is a city of crumbling ruins, whose foundation has since been penetrated by a steady flow of lava. The entire stage is saturated with lava, to the point where it has reached the surface and can even set the terrain ablaze. Despite this, many of the ruins' traps still function, such as deadly retractable spikes, giant crushing pillars, spiked "chandeliers" that rise and fall, and vents that periodically spew cascades of lava.

The stage is mostly linear, although there are a few alternate paths that can be taken, and there are plenty of secret rooms hidden amongst the crumbling walls.

At the end of the stage, the player will have to face off against Dr. Robotnik piloting his Egg Mobile Fire vehicle, who will spend his time trying to force you into the deadly lava below. Defeating him will allow you to reach the signpost and complete the stage.

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