Maintenance Tower
World 3-3

Time N/A

Universe Based On Mega Man

Level Designer Amatsu & AuraLancer

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) Tama, Spark Man

Boss(es) Cut Man, Elec Man

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.5 Beta
Maintenance Tower is the third level of The Megaverse. This stage is a combination of Cut Man and Elec Man's levels from the first Mega Man game.

The level begins with the player progressing through a replica of Cut Man's stage, facing all the familiar foes and obstacles within until passing over a bed of spikes and facing the cat mini-boss Tama, then fighting Cut Man himself. After that, the level shifts to a take on Elec Man's stage, with an interlude of crossing electrical wires (taken from the Rescue Rangers NES game) and an appearance by Spark Man who attacks with Spark Shocks from a cloud. At the top is Elec Man.


  • Cut Man originally had his own level, a replica of his stage, in earlier builds of the game until it was scrapped in favor of more original levels.

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