A list of bosses by level that have been shown to be currently implemented in the game. Mini-Bosses are marked with M.

World 1

1-2: Mouser M

1-S2: General Guy

1-S3: Radonkel the Crow

1-G: Big Boo

1-F1: Boom-Boom

1-F2: Morton Koopa

1-S4: King Totomesu

1-F3: Wendy O. Koopa

1-S5: Spike

1-10: Mouser M

1-F4: Roy Koopa

1-F5: Boom-Boom M , Clawgrip M , Mouser

1-19: The Siren

1-F6: Boom-Boom

1-19: Boom-Boom

1-20: Boom-Boom

1-F7: Boom-Boom

1-SF: Dry Bowser

1-WB: Bowser

World 2

2-3: Willy

2-4: Foreman Spike (Truck Chase)

2-S2: Zombie Hoard M, Tyrant

2-F3: The Duke of India

2-13: Dr. Neo Cortex

2-S3: Birdo M

2-S5: Birdo M, Doc Robot

2-WB: General Morden

World 3

3-1: Big Eye M

3-1: Guts Man

3-2: Big Eye M

3-2: Cut Man

3-3: Bubble Man

3-4: Wood Man

3-5: Top Man

3-6: Doc Robot M(two doc robots in this level)

3-6: Needle Man

3-8: Skull Man

3-S2: Uranus

World 4

4-2: Cyberdemon

4-4: Death Chompers M

4-4: Necromancer

World 5

5-WB: The Fusionist

World 6

No bosses available

World 7

7-S?: Calliope the Clown

World 8

8-1: King Watinga (easy fight)

8-S?: King Watinga (hard fight)

8-?: King Zing

World 9

9-6: The Flood M

''''9-?: Gondolan M

9-?: Dobkeratops M

9-?: Gomander

''''9-S2: Golden Pharaoh M

9-S2: WALDO (Anciena World Boss)

World -1

-1-2: Icefoot M

-1-S1: Evil Otto

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