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Legion as he appears in the trailer.
Twisted Reality World Boss
Class World Boss
Species Unknown
Affiliation(s) Leader of a large army, commander of Legion's Finest, allied with General Morden, Dr. Wily, Loki, Beauty, Bacterion, Dr. Eggman, and Crazy Hand
Original Appearance(s) Mushroom Kingdom Fusion
Legion is Mushroom Kingdom Fusion's chief antagonist and mastermind behind the peril spreading throughout the different worlds and dimensions. To do so, it is amassing an ever-increasing army of followers in each targeted world, including the prominent villains present in them. It is also incredibly ruthless, forcibly fusing its Finest into a Chimera as a punishment for their failures. Why Legion is attacking the worlds, or even who it used to be, is currently unknown.

The player faces Legion in the Twisted Reality level, the Castle of Meat, which is presumably his base of operations. If the proper conditions have not been fulfilled, the game ends after Legion's defeat.

He is quite similar to Tabuu, the primary antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, recruiting various villians to join his cause and resembling a human.

World Bosses
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