Lab of The Fusionist
World 5-WB
Time Unlimited
Universe Based On Original
Level Designer Del
Exits 1
Mini-Boss(es) Cacobirdo
Boss(es) Fusionist
Difficulty Hard
Introduced in Game Version Future
Lab of the Fusionist is the World Boss level in Gehenna. The level takes place within the Fusionist's fortress laboratory, only to later move to the castle exterior, then back within. The many enemies within are deranged fusions of various foes from all the other worlds, such as Goombas with Venus Fire Trap heads or Tetris blocks with spikes. Many of them are significantly deadlier and have additional attacks to evade.

The mini-boss, Cacobirdo, is a fusion of the Birdo and Cacodemon creatures, which fires off explosive and regular eggs in increasingly difficult patterns. The regular eggs can be used against it, similar to the regular Birdo.

thumb|370px|Lab of the Fusionist


Below is a list of fused enemies encountered in the level.

  • A Goomba and Venus Fire Trap fusion.
  • A Tektite and Space Invader fusion.
  • A Mouser and Angry Sun fusion.
  • A Zinger and Octorok fusion.(this information might be incorrect)
  • A Bone Piller and Pain Elemental fusion.
  • A Lakitu and Tetris Block fusion.
  • A Boogeyman and Rebel Army Soldier fusion.
  • A Cacodemon and Birdo fusion, affectionately dubbed "Cacobirdo" (mid-boss)
  • A Waddle Doo and Sniper Joe Fusion
  • An Orbinaut and Roller Tank fusion.
  • A Geega and Pipi fusion.

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